Make sure to bring the following items with you when you attend our courses.

  • A laptop computer which has Ethernet port and Wi-Fi card.
    • Ideally, you should be “Administrator” of your computer.
    • If not, you must be able to change your computer’s IP address and disable its firewall.
    • Make sure you can launch MikroTik’s WinBox tool from your computer and, once launched, connect to a router from your computer using WinBox.
  • A cell phone or any other similar device to test Wi-Fi network connectivity.
    • It simplifies the labs if we don’t have to unplug the computer all the time.
  • Network cables
    • One (1) of 5 to 6 feet,
    • One (1) of 20 feet.
    • They must be of good quality and undamaged.
  • A power bar.
  • If you have a MikroTik router that you’d like to use, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, we have some we can lend.
    • It must have at least 5 Ethernet ports and 1 wireless interface (802.11n). Good examples of routers to have are : hAP, hAP ac lite, hAP ac2. If you have a better one, that’s great, as long as it meets the minimal requirements.
    • For online classes, you must have a router (strongly recommended two (2)) for MTCNA and MTCWE, and four (4) for MTCRE.


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