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How online night classes work

  • Schedule
    • The MTCNA+ class ;
      • Is spread on 6 evenings of 3 hours 30 minutes each with a 15-minute break.
      • We finish the class material and do the exam on the last evening.
    • The MTCRE+ and MTCWE+ classes ;
      • Are spread on 6 evenings of 3 hours 30 minutes each with a 15 to 20-minute break.
      • The fifth evening is reserved for labs and revision. The evening may end earlier based on expressed needs.
      • The sixth evening is reserved to take the exam. The evening will end after the exam.
  • You must have read the “ROS Companion” manual (which you will have received with the MTCNA material from the trainer) before attending the first class.
  • Students will do the labs as homework in between two classes as per the schedule that will be supplied by the trainer.
  • Classes are done through Zoom.
  • The device (computer, tablet, other) used to attend class must have a webcam which is turned on during training sessions.
    • Any student that can’t be visually identified will be denied access to the class.

See the list of equipment to have for classes.

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