We are happy to announce that we promote the efforts that students will have put into their studies!

The student that gets the best score on his MikroTik exam will have his name added to the CSPE’s coveted “Golden Router” recipients list. Along with having his name (and score) added next to other accomplished students, he’ll receive a prepaid MasterCard gift card worth $50.

Good luck to all!


  • You must be officially registered and present at a complete MikroTik class with exam
  • You must have paid the class in full before showing up for it
  • You must have succeeded the exam the first time around, that is to say that you did not use your second chance (if eligible)
  • Offer valid in Canada only and can be modified or cancelled without notice
  • There must be at least two students that are registered and present during the whole class and the exam for this offer to be valid
  • In case of a tie for the highest grade, the first student to complete the exam will receive the gift card, even though all students in the tie will be mentionned
  • The gift card will not be awarded for online classes

Mikrotik does not endorse nor does it recognize this prize nor can it be used as proof of certification.

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