Training Description

Length: About 6 hours.

Objectives: By the end of this training session, the student will have a general understanding of the 802.11 standard and what is needed to deploy and support a Wi-Fi network. This session will allow you to undertake MikroTik’s MTCNA and MTCWE classes with confidence. Furthermore, unless you have practical experience with Wi-Fi, it is strongly recommended that you take this class BEFORE attending MTCWE.

Target Audience : Engineers, technicians and anybody else:

  • Having to support a Wi-Fi network
  • Wanting to increase their Wi-Fi knowledge
  • Wanting to take MikroTik’s official MTCNA and MTCWE classes

Course prerequisites: Understand the concepts of Wi-Fi networking.

Language: Shown next to the date in the “Training sessions” page.

Course outline:

  • Module 1 – History and standards
  • Module 2 – Radiation, antennas and Wi-Fi Math
  • Module 3 – Wi-Fi tools
  • Module 4 – Deploying Wi-Fi
  • Module 5 – Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Module 6 – Wi-Fi security
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